Silver vine for cats 10 sticks
Silver vine for cats 10 sticks
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Silver vine for cats 10 sticks

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  • For cats age more than 8 months
  • A euphoric and relaxing sensation that cats enjoy thoroughly.
  • For those cat owners with a cat that doesn't get affected by traditional catnip, this is the other options for you.
  • Some common behaviours for cats who have used Silver Vine would include rolling around, meowing, purring, licking and face rubbing.
  • Silver vine is an awesome and safe alternative to traditional catnip.
  • Silver vine is non-toxic and non addictive
  • Chewing a silver vine stick is good for their teeth  
  • Kittens (less than 8 months old) and pregnant females may not have any reaction to Silver vine.


  • 10 sticks of silver vines
  • Size - random 

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